Middle School Health/Nurse's Office
School Nurse: Sherri Kamide, RN
Katherine Martin, LPN
Phone: (315) 493-5020
Fax: (315) 493-5029
                                                          Hours: 7:20 am-2:50 pm  - click for larger image

Attention current 7th Graders: 
New Immunization Requirements for 2016-2017!
Check the Immunization page for more information!

Required Screenings per NYS:
  • Distance Vision & Hearing-will be done by School Nurse unless done by private physician on health appraisal and provided to health office.
    • Required for 5th & 7th Grades
  • Scoliosis-will be done by School Nurse unless notifiend by the parent in writing that it will be done by private physician on health appraisal and provided to the health office.
    • Required for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grades
  • 7th Grade Required Health Appraisals-Turn in Health Appraisal Certificate from private physician within 30 days of the start of the school year or sign/return school health appraisal parent permission form (Forms at bottom of page)

NYS Immunization Survey

At the beginning of each school year every public school district is required by law to complete the NYS Department of Health Immunization Survey. This survey is conducted to make sure students are in compliance with immunizations required by law for entrance to public school. The school nurse does their best to notify parents of discrepancies and inform parents of due/overdue immunizations. The survey reports all students that are compliant, non-compliant or exempt. A medical exemption requires a doctors documentation of reason for exemption and is renewed annually. A religious exemption requires documentation/letter to the Superintendent of schools for approval. All information is collected anonymously.

Weight Status/BMI Survey

The NYS Department of Health also conducts a survey of student's weight status categories/BMI. They survey school districts on a bi-annual basis. All information is collected anonymously.